About Us   

Kurt Erickson grew up on a local dairy farm in Eatonville, WA. At the age of 16 he started cutting firewood from his dad’s farm off the back 40 acres. After college, he started a firewood company that quickly grew to producing 8 – 15 cords per day, done with a firewood processor and three trucks. This lasted for approximately 2 years until 1988 when Erickson Logging, Inc. was founded. The company started out small, with only Kurt and a skidder. Once the falling and yarding on each site was complete, he contracted with self – loading haulers to bring the material to the mill. In 1990, Erickson Logging, Inc. began to buy other pieces of equipment such as log loaders, processors, and feller bunchers. During this time, the company bought timber almost exclusively from private land owners in Washington State. As demand on Erickson Logging grew, so did the equipment inventory and level of production.

Today, Erickson Logging, Inc. has enough mechanized equipment to run three ground-based logging sites and the ability to process 2 million board feet a month. Operating primarily out of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, they have developed a strong understanding of the Northwest’s timber markets and provide their clients with harvest proceeds that exceed industry standards in most cases. They buy timber and timberlands from many different sources including private owners, and commercial timber companies such as Plum Creek and Weyerhaeuser, as well as the government at both county and state levels.


As with any successful company, employees are the backbone of their operation. Most of the employees in the field have been in the woods for 20 plus years and are well educated in the forestry industry. That, combined with a strong office staff and a collective, superior work ethic has made Erickson Logging, Inc. what it is today.

Tim Holsten – Shovel operator

Roger Wesson – Shovel operator

Kade Erickson – Processor operator

Aaron Inboden – Processor operator

Dale Mierke – Feller Buncher operator

Cole Wimbells – Skidder operator

Cory Holsten – Skidder operator

Ron McClynne – Skidder operator

Scott Brons– Lowboy/log truck driver

Bryan Atwood – Log truck driver

Tyler Marcus – Log truck driver

Paul Heinrich – Log truck driver

Lisa Hall – Office Manager

David Curl – Acquisitions