Erickson Logging, Inc. – Harvesting Your Northwest Timber

Founded in 1988 by Kurt Erickson, Erickson Logging, Inc. manages and harvests Northwest Timberlands. Operating primarily out of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon for many years, their understanding of the Northwest region’s timber markets is unsurpassed. A strong market understanding, combined with a unique, personalized approach to their clients needs leaves them with a feeling of great satisfaction knowing their site has been harvested for maximum value while maintaining a healthy and habitable forest environment. Erickson Logging, Inc. will obtain all relevant permits for each site and adhere to the guidelines specified therein, harvest and haul all material to the mill, and replant each project. Because they manage every aspect of each project with great attention to detail, land owners can be assured that their project will be executed in a timely and responsible fashion.